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Looking for a bird control specialist in London or the neighbouring Home Counties? JCB Environmental Services in West London can provide efficient solutions to handle all your bird control requirements.


"At the start of renovations to a restaurant property we were startled to discover a pigeon problem. JCB Environmental Services not only eradicated the immediate issue but was also able to put systems in place, fool proof to ensure that the problem was not repeated." Read in full.

Tamryn L - April 2011


Bird control can be managed through passive measures. We can provide a bespoke habitat management plan suitable for your site requirements and consultation on other measures to help reduce and deter or displace further problems for all bird species in all situations.


Passive measures includes:

•   Providing advice on alternative roost/ nesting and feed sites

•   Habitat management consultation

•   Netting

•   Deterrent spikes

•   Bird optic gel systems

•   Avishock - a new approved specialist harmless electric shock system

Our bird control expertise

has been used at several commercial sites and facilities and US/ UK military air bases for over 26 years.


JCB Environmental Services offer fully assured bird control and environmental services within the M25 and surrounding areas.


We also specialise in the control of rodents, insects and wildlife.

Bird control through proactive measures

We are very experienced in providing discreet, environmentally sensitive specialist deterrent work. Where passive measures are not appropriate or possible due to nature of site specification or other restrictions, we can provide proactive measures that include:


•   Audio bird distress call systems

•   Pyrotechnics / visual deterrents

•   Predator response using specially trained birds of prey

•   Population control and management


All bird control and environmental services are handled professionally and humanely working in full accordance to all relevant environmental law, Health & Safety and COSHH specifications.


All work is carried out by fully assured IPAF licensed and BPCA certified technical officers, and licensed marksmen.


Competitive prices on bird control and 24 hour callout and same day response.

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For an assessment call us to bring your bird problem under control on

07789 702 644

Peregrine falcon being deployed for airfield deterrent clearance work A large gathering of pigeons on a roof of a domestic property


A herring gull loafing on a warehouse roof Our Peregrine falcon previously used for bird deterrent work at an RAF air base A flock of pigeons in West London Seagulls at a landfill site

Herring gull loafing on a warehouse roof.

Peregrine falcon previously used for bird deterrent work at RAF air base.

Peregrine falcon being deployed for airfield deterrent clearance work.

Seagulls at a landfill site posing a possible problem with bird-strike hazards to a nearby airport.


Flock of pigeons in West London.